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How to get grants Graduate School Scholarships

How to get grants

1. What is a grant??

A subsidy is a government assistance aimed at creating an activity or project. The applicant must apply for and complete the steps. It may be granted by the State, local authorities and public institutions. It may take the form of a financial contribution monetary, or a provision of material, without consideration.

2. What financer for any association?

It is the association determine to which partner it will turn. It must adapt to the area affected by the project (local, regional, national). For grants awarded by the state. If the project is supported by your association which has a local public interest, you can ask the nearest community. Often, the municipality and the department are the first point of contact.
Associations must also adapt to the objectives they are (cultural, sporting, social). For example, cultural associations can turn to the website of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It provides a detailed catalog of its grants .

3. Who can get a grant?

For grant application associations, it must have been declared and therefore have the status “1901 Act”.
Some organizations may not receive subsidies if they are approved by the department. The authorization shall be sought by the associative structure with departments. There is a common core of criteria that the association must fulfill (object of general interest, financial transparency, democratic management). Then, each ministerial department sets its own criteria by which authorizations will be issued.
The agreement is a prerequisite for obtaining grant including sports associations, youth and popular education. However, the approval does not automatically result in a grant.

4. The record of the grant application

The unique record of grant was created by the Raffarin circular of 24 December 2002. This concerns applications to the State and its agencies. Local authorities are encouraged to consider this form, so that the file they require is often very close.

Caution, this form applies only to applications for grants to fund operating expenses or implementation of a specific project. Therefore excludes capital expenditures. In addition, a different form is provided for grant applications to the State regarding the policy of the city.“Install a grant application is not sufficient, it must be”If completing a solid case is a must for a grant passage, it is not enough to win. “This is the jungle” reflects Sylvie DuvergĂ©, consultant and trainer for organizations especially in their search for funding. “In fact, you have to knock on many doors and literally sell.” Interlocutors associations have different expectations that must adapt: ​​”It is not enough to build a case, it must be really wear and inhabited by its community project.”The grants are not a unique way of funding. “It is important to have co-financing,” says the association worker. After the tedious paperwork, canvassing may begin …

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