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How to get better sleep without medication

How to get better sleep without medication

Tips for sleeping well

The sleep problems are becoming more prevalent in our times. The pace of life that we are in, together with the constant barrage of news and concerns, affect badly our sleeping.There are specialized therapies and medical treatments for sleep better, but without having to get to this point, we can improve our evening sessions following a few basic tips.

Popular myths for sleeping

There are many tips on street level that have been spread over time. For example, reading before bed. This does not help, on the contrary, when we read a lot, we increase our concentration, and if we get excited about the book, you will eventually start to fly by without your noticing, reaching a point where you will close the pages late without a hint of sleep.
Focus on counting sheep, numbers, or think about what happened that day, also does not help. Again, change the brain in a situation where you should just try to relax completely, preventing any kind of stimulation. These are tricks that do not help, on the contrary, you get more nervous about moving your hopes in a system that seems to them the other does work, but we do not.

Suitable methods for sleep

Sleeping should be within an established routine. The so-called “hygiene sleep” refers to care about every time you get into bed.
No need for any kind of strange behavior in your routine you maintain, as you can a fixed sleep schedule, and follow other habits to accustom your body, such as avoiding pre dinner, try not to sleep with a full bladder, perform naps during the afternoon and wake up every day at a different time.
A method that takes more force is increasingly paradoxical intention, where you strive to not sleep. The idea is to try to force yourself to avoid sleeping just to fight the thoughts of style ‘I sleep these specific hours ” or ” there will be dire consequences for not sleeping well “. This kind of ideas you have about sleep also influences the sleep period, needing to work on them as much or more than in your own behaviors.
Finally, you note that the relaxation and keeping a cool head are the key to better sleep . If you learn some relaxation techniques that have a great system to help you to relax.

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